Climbing store

We were asked to build a secure climbing store with only the materials available on the site. This seemed like a challenge beyond the usual. Inside this bespoke climbing store are the ropes, karabiners, slings and other climbing accessories. It’s even been finished with a climbing hold for a handle. Climbing stores should be safe, dry, secure, and always a tiny bit quirky.

Fortunately there were plenty of items to search through in the old supplies store. After rifling around, it became clear that these old, yet clean plastic laminate sheets could be repurposed on their unused side. A little bit of dismantling of old timber projects for the stud partition, an old door reclaimed from the corner of the yard, and an unused climbing hold for a handle, and the build could commence.

The outcome was a solid 3 inch stud-partition storage area that measures 8 feet (2.4m) in all directions. Plenty of lighting can flood in from the top, and lots of air flow to help dry out the climbing ropes.

The inside was re-decked with shelving and hanging loops to complete the bespoke design. A really enjoyable project, that made use of 100% recycled materials.